Two of the most popular writing requests that we receive are Grant Writing and Proposal Writing. People are looking for funding through many creative ways. But those same client prospects that come to us, are still using conventional methods like banks, and companies that seek to fund business start-ups and community programs.

A couple days ago, our administrator received a referral through Facebook. One of her relatives has used our writing services recently and was very satisfied with the outcome. She, in turn, saw a Facebook post seeking a proposal writer in her timeline. She immediately tagged our Administrator as a service referral.

Once the initial interview was conducted, we realized something that was extremely common. The gentleman didn’t know what kind of proposal he needed or even to whom he would be submitting the proposal. He just felt like he needed a proposal and wanted a quote.

We listen to you. Yes, we are in business to make money. However, we are also in business to serve honestly. What we discovered after the initial interview was that this gentleman needed help. And a proposal will benefit him at some point. But he has a few more steps in developing his business idea before a proposal will be necessary.

Not Uncommon

The above is not uncommon. Many times people want to appear busy with the larger elements of their business while negating the smaller, foundational things that lead to success.

We have a client who is the founder of a non-profit organization who has completed all of her preliminaries.  When she approached us about our grant writing services, she was ready to go. Her programs were in order and she was very clear about what she was trying to accomplish when she secured funding.

Currently, we have matched her with 17 potential funding sources that match 2 programs that she offers homeless women and children. Although, a well-written grant is completed and submitted. Grants are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of funders. We are confident that we will be able to find a grant maker for her organization.

Writing Follows Us

Winning is writing these days.