The Publisher: Your Content Creation Partner

Your Business Needs A Publisher

Who is handling your content creation and publishing of your content? If you are in private practice, a non-profit organization or small business owner we know that you have other things to do. So why not let us handle the writing and publishing for you?

After all, we love publishing ebooks that increase company profiles. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to soft sell your product, service or brand message without the usual hard sell tactics that so many use these days.

In addition, online publishing is a simple, economical, and fast book publishing option that will reap benefits for your business for months to come.

When working with ADEI Media we keep three focal areas in mind as we serve as your publisher.

#1 Synergy

Every product (online, digital, print, or tangible) should reinforce your brand message. Having an e-publisher that understands how critical it is to stay one target with that message is key. So, we focus on publishing (free ebooks or purchased digital products) that remain true to the core message of your organization.

#2 Value

e-publisher, consumer-buying-processIf you want to start the buying process with a potential customer, donor, or patient? Providing a free ebook is a good place to start. With your current knowledge base; you have more than enough expertise to create an impressive ebook that sets you and your organization apart from the crowd.

#3 Time

resource allocation, time allocationAny effective publisher understands that you don’t have time for a hit or miss trial run. But instead, creates a steady, measurable plan for ebook publishing and marketing that opens up the amount of time that you have for other tasks. While raising your output through creating content, online publishing, and marketing analytics.

Furthermore, we can also create detailed reports that can later serve as benchmarks for creating additional targeted digital and print resources that will continue to build your brand and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Let us show you how a publisher can be an asset for executing the mission of your organization.

Ready to know more? Review our corporate publishing program and pricing options today!

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