A GUIDED Approach


As you consider working with me through ADEI Media, I want to give pull back the curtain so that you can see what my overall thought process is with each client. I ask every client the same questions. Although the question is phrased differently depending on the person or company that I am working with at the time. The context of the questions should still lead to gathering the same pertinent information.

No one likes to be left alone swinging in the wind.  I can’t think of anything worse than not having help when you need it. Because it ultimately it morphs into discouragement, isolation, and finally surrender.

That’s why I take a GUIDED Approach to my clients’ projects and goals.


Set your goals.

Start with the end in mind.  It is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I personally use this as one of my personal mantras whenever I am designing a website, writing a marketing plan, or planning a coaching session.  I begin are the end. Then I work my way backwards.

I ask every client, “What is the goal?” Because if you don’t know where the destination is, how will you know when you’ve reached it? So, every client must be able to identify the large goal and then smaller goals along the way on the journey.


Understand Your Audience

“How well do you know your audience?” Every client must have a real handle on who their audience is and what they want and need. Which is why I deep dive into discovering your audience from every aspect possible.  We complete a 40-question evaluation to help you discover who you are trying to reach with your brand message, service, or product.

Why do I do this? Because the more clarity we bring to the who, the better able we are to tackle the what, when, and how.


Information. Information.  Information.

Once you and I have determined who your audience consists of. Now it’s time to do the real work!

We need to get to know everything we can about them.  From where they eat to which, gym they have a membership at. I dig and dig and dig some more until we have enough information to create a complete picture of what you audience looks like.

Then when you and I can stand in a room of 10,000 people and select your audience, we have completed the most important part of my guided approach.


What problem are you going to solve for the sector or audience that you serve?

I know that you are ready to sell, sell, sell. Selling a service, a product, or the charitable and community validity of your brand.  But I take a different view through my guided approach. Instead of thinking about you, we talk about how to address the needs of them.  Whoever your ‘them’ may be.


Let’s engage in conversation.

Some engagement is going to take place through social media and other online channels. But let me prepare you right now—some of them will not.

I believe in touching the humanity of people. Consequently, I will be encouraging you to look for ways to connect with your audience in ways that aren’t always the easiest. But who wants to be where everyone is when it comes to standing out from the crowd. But that is where the hidden fun lies.  It’s in finding new ways to reach people. After all people are the ones who buy your products, support your charity, refer your brand, and solicit your services.


It’s time to deliver!

I love this part of the process.  It’s time for us to get you all dressed up. The spotlight is on you and your audience can’t wait to hear what you have to say, deliver, or demonstrate. It. Let’s not let them down, so I help you to deliver the absolute, service, product, and plan than you’ve ever imagined.  Why? Because in the end, it’s the process that we take together that is going to make your project better and goals attainable in the end.

The reason we go through these steps in the beginning is so that you become more confident as you travel through the many phases of creative marketing even when you venture into unfamiliar areas.  My hope as a marketing professional and project manager that I can give explanation or significance to steps and methods that you may not have considered in the past.

And what my team and I have come to realize over the years is that the success of our clients can’t be rooted in some insecure thoughts about whether we gain recognition to experience success.  We believe our winning is by definition a direct reflection of whether or not, our clients reach their goals.  Not the other way around.

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