The Marketing Blueprint

Simplified Marketing for Your Success
Save Your Seat

Thank you Miss Dee! I came to my superior with a presentation of what I’ve learned. Your workshop was fun and educational.  Thanks again!

– Vicky,

Simplified Marketing is the Goal!

As a marketing strategist and subject matter expert in sales and marketing,  I focus on learning from you as much as I’m teaching. Because the more I know about your goals, the better able I am to give you the information that you can use to make money in your company, now!

I love presenting the materials in a simplified way, so that you feel ready to hit the ground running. Because I believe that the more confident you are with the material, the more likely you are to implement it. And that’s what this workshop is all about.

Giving you a marketing blueprint that will create results.

I can’t wait to serve you…let’s go up together!

Dee Lockett

From Our Attendees

We take pride in the outstanding reviews that previous attendees have graciously given The Marketing Blueprint workshop. He is what others are saying: 

“It was great taking your class! “

Eric Gough

MidCom Data

“I had a fantastic time. I learned so much. Very informative and Ms. Dee was great!”

Nieves Longordo

President, Decorative Ironwork

“Dee is a great teacher and is sending me home motivated! I can’t wait to put the blueprint to work!”

Waikikse Johnson


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