It’s an absolutely beautiful, 72 degree Spring day in Atlanta. A breeze is coming through the window and I must say, “Life is not perfect, but it’s good.”

I mean who else gets to sit on the couch, with a few orange slices in a bowl, talk to people about their business goals, and design a website that meets or exceeds their expectations?

I’m living the life, right? My clients seem happy enough. Yet when I scroll through my Instagram or Facebook page, sometimes I am so saddened by what I see there. I mean who advertises a product without a website of their own. In today’s day and age….seriously?

Then a memory came to my mind.

About 15 years ago, I was just starting out in business and I had designed and printed some business cards at then Kinkos (now FedEx Office®). I admit that after the fourth time of the clerk cutting them for me, I just gave up completely and took my semi-slanted business cards out the door.

I shifted through the massive stack of crooked paper; pulling out what I considered the straightest in the stack. Off I went!

My website at the time wasn’t much better either. I had no idea how to use Dreamweaver (I still don’t). And was using Microsoft Frontpage. A low-quality, copycat of Dreamweaver to create my website at the time. Just think Microsoft Money instead of Intuit’s Quickbooks. Massive difference in case you don’t know.

However, I finally finished my elementary website with slanted business cards in hand. Off to the races I went. I was at every meeting, dinner, fair, and class that I could afford. I was determined to make a dent in the world of publishing in my new city.

I had tons of great first meets until they looked at my business cards. And for those who dared go to my website, I’m sure that sealed the deal that I was not a company ready for their business.

I wish I could have screamed, “That’s why I want your business! To get better business cards and upgrade my website!” (Ever had that feeling?)

There was one woman named, Charisse, who owned a promotional products company who talked to me after we left an event. We became friends enough for her to say to me one day, “Dee, stop passing out those business cards.” (I shrieked inside!) You mean she noticed the slant and was still talking to me?

Wow! What a saint.

“Dee, I know you used your minimal budget to get this business card done. But it doesn’t represent your business in the best light. You offer a wonderful service. But people won’t be able to get beyond the fact that your business card is not straight. And the fact that you are still passing them out, might signal to some that you aren’t straight either.”

We both laughed.

She mentioned to me some ways to get my website updated and suggested that I try and get my business cards and website to coordinate in terms of theme, colors, etc. next time.

I thanked her for the business cards that day and stared at a blank screen for a few days after. I hated my website more than my business cards. I wish I could show you what a mess it really was in hindsight.

About two weeks later, Charisse stopped by the house and handed me a box. I opened it and there were 500 business cards, gray linen finished with wine raised lettering. I cried. After handing me those cards, she said, “I took care of the cards, now you have to take care of the website.”

From that day, I have designed websites for small business owners, especially women. Yes, there are tons of platforms out there from free to complex. But I always felt that although my website was terrible back then, it was mine.

I paid my own hosting and owned my domain. That website was my little plot to build my business as far and as wide as I wanted.

Why did I recall that memory today? I don’t know. Maybe in my subconscious, I have been griping with myself about not having done anything for Women’s History Month with only 5 days left.

Whatever the reason, today, I have it on my heart to do something special. Something that symbolizes the greatness that is women helping women succeed. Just like Charisse did for me that day.

She took my old card and made it new again. At that moment, I knew that I could represent my services with a new passion and purpose. For the first time, I had the confidence to hand a person my business card straight on, instead of sideways.

For many of you, I want you to have that feeling. Maybe your website is not what you want it to be. Don’t worry, it can be.

For the remaining 5 days of the month of March. I am doing something that I haven’t done since 2010.

I will design or redesign a 5-page website for you for free.

Now here’s the fine print.

  • The design is free. Hosting is not.
  • Hosting is $59 for the year and must be paid at the time that you decide to take me up on my offer.
  • For those who already have a domain, we can use it. If you don’t have a domain, I will send you a code to get one at a discount.
  • It takes 5 days for you website to be completed and I will give you some suggested pages, etc. for you to choose from depending on your product or service.
  • My company does write text for your website, but that is an additional fee depending on what you need.

Pretty simple. (I think so.)

I am only doing a limited number of these. As you know I have to spend time on my other design projects and have to be careful about how I fill my calendar.

So once I’ve reached my limit. I won’t be taking any more. If you want to take advantage of this offer, just shoot me an email to

Love you much,



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