Corporate Publishing Services Available for Businesses

February 17, 2016 – ADEI Holdings, LLC. launched ADEI Media in December 2015 with a targeted mission: to develop premium private label print products to help firms promote their brand and increase revenue.  With a variety of products available including a CityScape WritingJournal developed to help realtors increase sales, ADEI Media has reached its first quarter sales goals early.

With such success with its private label division, one would ask Sky Taylor, VP of product development, ” Why delve into self-publishing services, a market that is already over saturated with small and independent publishers? Isn’t that counter productive in terms of serving your niche market’s needs?”

“Absolutely not. We are actually adding this service to very specific customers and will run this division very differently from other publishers.  We believe that the customers we have want more opportunity for customization, and offering them the reins of creating their own products more exclusively, just makes sense.”

We don’t want to turn away a small business owner who would like to develop a cookbook of their recipes, simply because our catalog doesn’t offer that product specifically.

We have also developed a price structure that also gives the customer more control over the use of their budget. ADEI will be working one-on-one with companies and individuals, who fit into our business model. Not everyone will be a good fit and we know that going in. But for the right customer, what we offer will be more substantial than most of our competitors.”

Corporate publishing services will start being offered to the general public on March 1, 2016. For more information about publishing services for your business review the information here.

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