We help those who make the lives of others better in some way, large or small. And everything we do is to that end. 


Nine years ago,  we received an email requesting more information about our book publishing services. We were excited when we received the email a little more than usual because if this client signed with our company within two weeks, it meant that we would reach our sales goal for the year. Something that we had not done in the three years prior.

A couple days later, we received the email response. The customer wanted our top tier book publishing package and was ready to process their deposit. Our team was so excited. We danced and laughed and celebrated with VOSS Water, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Faygo 60/40 and Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn. Oh, happy day!

About thirty minutes later the docs were printed and sent for processing and review. Within five minutes we heard a  loud sigh of agony coming from our acquisitions manager.


The customer wanted to produce of line of erotica books that featured teens (insert sound effects here). We were all appalled that the person thought that we were a company that produced and promoted such material. Needless to say, we quickly declined, tore up the contracts, and contemplated calling the police. That moment forced our team to clearly define who we are as a company and integrate who we work with in everything we do.

We know it’s not sexy, but it forced us to look at who we want to be when we grow up.


By definition, ADEI Media is a company that has an intense desire to make the lives of others better.

After several metamorphosis ADEI Media has grown into a company that finds a great deal of satisfaction and excitement when we help individuals, businesses, and charities increase efficiency, awareness, and revenue. By using our collective expertise to create commanding visual presentations and  written projects, we have been successful with helping clients achieve their goals.

We are steadfast in three distinct workflow processes:

  • Imploring a guided approach
  • Focusing on effective collaboration
  • Delivering remarkable support

We are not shy or vague about our particular brand, services, or mission. Which is why we love what we do and the many sectors that we serve. Our journey forced each of us to define who we are and what we stand for.  For us it was a simple decision to be a company that helps humanity and those who work to make life a better place for overall.

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